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By comparison, a study of crime and murder in 30 of the largest US cities found that in , Baltimore had a homicide rate of Climate change has also played a growing role in driving migration from Central America. The United Nations said last year that lower-than-average rainfall and drier conditions have resulted in significant crop losses in the Northern Triangle, leaving farmers and families with not enough food to eat or sell.

Edwin Castellanos, dean of the Research Institute at Guatemala's Valle University and an expert on climate change in Central America, said a warming climate has exacerbated poverty in the region. A recent report that Castellanos coauthored found that subsistence farmers, who harvest mostly to feed themselves, and indigenous people are the most affected by unpredictable rainfall and rising temperatures.

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Large groups of people making the journey from Central America, known as caravans, have forced smugglers to be more creative and aggressive, Selee of the Migration Policy Institute said. Central Americans following news coverage of the caravans have viewed the groups as a safer way to make the journey north without having to pay thousands of dollars to a smuggler. In response, smugglers have begun to offer bus rides transporting people from their home countries to the US—Mexico border in days.

Acutely aware of US immigration law, smugglers have also told would-be migrants that the Trump administration won't be able to detain them for long if they cross the border with a child, Selee said. I'll charge you two for one because as you know, they can't hold families,'" Selee said. Stephanie Leutert, director of the Mexico Security Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin, said smugglers are charging families with children less than individuals attempting to get into the US undetected.

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The sales pitch from smugglers, combined with Trump's statements and policies, has helped drive the migration surge, Leutert said. The immigration-court backlog in the US has soared to more than , cases , according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, with average times extending nearly two years. Adam Isacson, director for defense oversight at the Washington Office on Latin America, said smugglers are telling people in Central America that the time to leave is now, before the Trump administration tries again to make it more difficult to get into the US.

Smugglers also use shorter detention times — a maximum of 20 days for families — as part of their pitch, but it's still a mixed bag. As in any market, you get what you pay for, Isacson said. A cheap smuggler greatly increases your chances of being abandoned in the desert or being delivered to kidnappers. Some of the ones who pay less are still packed into the back of a cargo truck, which sounds absolutely miserable.

The last 30 years of immigration flows have created a lot of transnational families, relatives who live in different states across the United States but maintain ties, said Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the Los Angeles—based National Day Laborer Organizing Network. We would be in a mess if they all get rounded up and deported. The government should amp up screeners and staff immigration courts to move matters along. We have an aging population and a need to compete in the global economy.

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We could use the help of new people, who have been very well vetted. Drugs come into the country mostly via legal border crossings and ships in ports. Please make note of the fact that Americans are buying and using these drugs. It is a brisk business and there are many people profiting.

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We have an addiction and mental health crisis also being ignored by the government — more bad policy. The running of a government is a complicated matter and requires many dedicated bright people to sort things out both here at home and in foreign policy. CTViewpoints welcomes rebuttal or opposing views to this and all its commentaries. My assessment is that buying prescription drugs from our northern neighbor can be risky in terms of quality and safety.

With healthcare at the forefront of political debates, now is the time to focus on making cancer more manageable for patients and caregivers.

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Challenge insurance companies to cover tests in full that help detect cancer early. It is time to end the corrupt absentee ballot process. A Honduran mother and her children and another unidentified woman are waiting to cross. Custom and Border Patrol policy prevented U. The Mexican police beseech one of the Honduran children not to go through.


The officers on both sides are unsure which children belong to which adults. Their own calls and directions are pierced by the cries of children. The Mexican officer edging his way toward the hole finally jumps in, blocking it with his body.

pykypyly.tk No one else can come through. CBP officials later told ABC News they have not been able to find the woman in their records despite having processed her and taken her asylum application. But her sister, who remained on the Mexican side of the border with her two children, later went to a Mexican migrant shelter where she spent Christmas night.