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Our ancestors needed a safe environment in which to have children and a way to handle property rights.

SUMMA THEOLOGIAE: That cause of sin which is malice (Prima Secundae Partis, Q. 78)

The engagement ring, a custom dating back to ancient Rome, is a circle symbolizing eternity and everlasting union. One marriage was good, the other great. My first marriage ended not because it was bad, but because I wanted to be single. Studies show that forgiveness is a key attribute to sustainable, happy relationships. One of the main components of our success as a nation is we give people a second chance. As we get older, we get more reward from giving.

Keeping score creates a dynamic where you never give in to the real joy in life … doing something for someone because you love them, and choosing their happiness over everything else, full stop. So he tries some extralegal tactics. Paul Newman is the son of a reputed mobster, but who's been out of the rackets for years.

But Balaban leaks to gullible reporter Sally Field that Newman is the target of his investigation. The idea is for Newman to go undercover and work to get information on his uncle, Luther Adler, who Balaban suspects. Newman's reputation is smashed and Balaban's actions lead to the death of Melinda Dillon who is a friend of Newman's. Sally Field was at the height of her career.

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The leads and cast are just fine. This turned out to be the farewell picture of Luther Adler, one of the great character actors in the history of film. However the two people this film really belongs to are Bob Balaban and Wilford Brimley. He is truly one loathsome little creep. All it's about with him is getting another notch on his belt, another scalp for the lodgepole.

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And then there's Wilford Brimley. He's the big honcho from Washington, DC sent down to do damage control when it all blows up in their faces. He gathers all the principals together at the very end of the film, like Nick Charles would, and dispenses the justice accordingly.

He's on the screen for about twenty unforgettable minutes. The office of prosecutor in our system is one of responsibility and should never be entrusted to any lightweights or any overly ambitious folks.

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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Gislef 20 October There's really no other word for it. I find the whole of this movie compelling, from Sally Fields' naivete to Paul Newman's innocent who turns the tables on his prosecutors, to the various supporting characters who all have their little niche. The best of all is Wilford Brimley, who gets to chew scenery and totally steal the scene he's in. It's an intelligent drama, addressing a subject as relevant today as it was in '81, with just enough humor to leaven the whole thing.

Mighty good drama depicting corruption in the justice department intending, on the surface, to solve a crime, but, beneath the waters, to further political careers. Sally Field played the self centered, self deluded reporter perfectly against Newman's confused, angry victim. Worth seeing. Howlin Wolf 1 October This movie provides a clever insight into the principles the press live by.

Reporters sometimes lose their basic humanity because they're not looking at the human interest, but at covering all the angles. What's newsworthy is what's in the public domain as fact, not gossip.

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It's definitely something to think about in this age when large sections of the media are intent on muckraking over the affairs of those who are deemed to be 'high-profile' The movie asks us, though, to keep in mind that sometimes there's more going on than meets the eye, and that certain acts function as a means to an end. It can be seen as an extension of that great 70's movie tradition where acclaimed directors make polished films exposing high-level corruption.

Seedy 17 March Start with Paul Newman and Sally Field and you don't need much more, but this film delivers a lot more. The plot takes some unexpected turns but develops logically and clearly with just enough suspence to keep viewers entranced. When concluded you realize how all elements of the plot are kept within reasonable bounds and how refreshing that is.

Here's a film that relies on character development and an intriguing plot with an important message. No special effects, gore and bedroom scenes needed to make this a great movie. I'm not at all surprised to see so many reviewers utterly failed to 'get' this film. Given the charismatic big-name stars and the sunny Miami setting, they can be forgiven for expecting to see some sort of conventional romantic cops-and-robbers buddy flick.

She's the tough reporter; he's the murder suspect. They have every reason to hate each other - yet they're drawn irresistibly together!

Absence of Malice (1981) - Paul Newman

Predictable soaper ensues. But this is definitely NOT that movie. The irresistible Sally Fields plays an utterly despicable character: a reporter whose greed for the big scoop over-rides all other considerations, and whose unforgivable stupidity leads to several ruined lives. Government investigators - led by Bob Balaban, in a brilliantly slimy performance - exploit Fields to demolish Newman's reputation. It's a sordid tale, with no admirable characters. Newman is the most sympathetic, but he too plays hardball, forgiving nothing, giving nothing away - and even becoming shamefully violent albeit only when pushed beyond all human endurance by Fields' thoughtlessly destructive actions.

The film is built on several kinds of misdirection. While the story is ostensibly a battle of wills between Newman, Fields and Balaban, Pollack uses it to quietly unfold a moral puzzle. How can people like Fields do so much harm while always thinking they're doing the right thing? And while Balaban seems to be the villain and is certainly no nice guy , the real evil is represented by a bland, conventional background character whom you'll barely notice the first time through.

Fields' editor is a quiet, buttoned-down nice guy, full of fatherly platitudes about journalism.


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But he's the one who's absolutely certain he's doing good, while actually having no regard for any point of view but his own. And he's the one who epitomizes what's wrong with modern journalism: its willingness to report assertions by self-interested parties as if they were fact. Don't be fooled: this is a serious, challenging film. It offers no easy answers, and asks viewers to consider tough moral choices. But it's also one of my personal favorites: a perfectly constructed ethical Rubik's Cube, which solves itself with the inevitability and precision of some fine mechanism. And it's definitely worth seeing just for Wilford Brimley's delicious scene at the end - reminiscent of the little dinner parties at the end of the Thin Man movies, or of the entry of Fortinbras, cleaning up the corpses at the end of Hamlet.

This one hit too close for comfort for critics and the news organizations for whom they work. Paul Newman gives one of his top 15 lifetime performances and for him, that's excellent as Tommy Gallagher, the owner of a shipping company in Florida.

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When the joint murder investigation by the federal and state authorities goes nowhere, D. What follows is fast-paced, wry, and very well actor. Don't miss the chance to see the great Luther Adler in his last performance as Newman's mob-linked uncle. RNMorton 3 May This movie looks to have all the elements of a classic but somehow falls short. Unscrupulous prosecutor dupes reporter Field into creating false impression that businessman Newman was involved in a murder, in the hope that will somehow help his investigation.

The lie has unexpected and tragic consequences, after which Newman turns the tables. Field is fine as liberated yet vulnerable thirty-something, Newman is also good if a little obscure in a difficult role; but Brimley as Asst US Attorney steals the show when he finally blows the whistle on everyone. Brimley's short time in this movie really is classic and Oscar-quality.

The overall problem here is a little too much soapbox and not enough real emotion from nearly everyone.

Article 1. Whether anyone sins through certain malice?

I did not feel too much the reservations some of your commentators had about the acting of Newman and Fields. I thought they were fine. But of course the importance of this film lies as so many others pointed out in its expose of the inner workings of our justice and journalistic systems and their ability to wreak havoc in the lives of ordinary defenseless citizens. I rather thought this movie a precursor of television's Law and Order for that reason. For me among the movie's many touching and beautiful moments the most poignant was the scene in which the soon-to-be-suicidal young friend of Newman's receives at dawn on her lawn the freshly delivered newspaper she'd been waiting all night for and reads with horror the "outing" of her abortion for all to read and proceeds to gather up all the copies of the newspaper thrown onto the neighbors' lawns so as to stave off her moment of shame and disgrace with all the co-religionist people who know her including her family.

It reminded me of the scene in Rattigan's Separate Tables in which the middle-aged molester of young girls finds his exploits reported in a neighboring village's newspaper which has been delivered to his hotel.