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With barbed affection, Wang digs into the headspaces of Kate and Fred, first-generation siblings aspiring to perfection and grandeur, eagerly awaiting details of their impending inheritance. Their pursuits of aggressive wealth and domestic tranquility, respectively, reflect warped values of American life. But Family Trust gets only so much out of the minutiae; it occasionally plods, unlike more streamlined novels of its type.

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At least Wang has her setting: She depicts Silicon Valley with seductive specificity, telling tales of instant billionaires and offering glimpses of irritable geniuses changing the world. She bumps into her ex-husband with riotous disdain and pity. FB Twitter ellipsis More.

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Is it a copycat? Or something else? January suddenly finds himself the target of a conspiracy that marks him, his friends, and loved ones for death, and that will ultimately lead to the very pinnacle of power. This first novel is a must-read. The concept of a police-state America and the way Mr. Pakman fleshes it out is nothing short of brilliant. Isaac January is a heck of a hero in a land ruled by martial law and the Joint Chiefs.

As a first-generation Cuban-American, I found Mr. From the explosive hand-to-hand combat scenes to a downright scary America controlled by the military, Domestic Tranquility will make you damned appreciative of the freedoms granted to all of us through the ultimate sacrifice paid in blood by the men and women of our Armed Forces. Truly a good read.

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Another Life. Andrew Vachss. Delivered from Evil. Ron Franscell. After working in the Justice Department, she clerked on the D. Court of Appeals for Warren E. Graglia left this successful career to care for her husband and three children. A frequent lecturer at universities, she lives in Austin with her husband of forty-three years, Professor Lino Graglia of the University of Texas Law School. Graglia indicts feminism for the demise of the traditional family, the degradation of the homemaker, the spread of venereal disease, the growth of income disparity, and the defeat of the United States in Vietnam no kidding.

Graglia, who holds a law degree from Columbia University, believes that she is a better representative of the "average woman" than disproportionately Jewish feminists are. She recommends a movement to reform "no-fault" divorce laws to ensure financial security for full-time homemakers although the old laws were notoriously ineffective , inspired by women who have been "awakened by transforming sexual experiences?

One person's account of the personal as political, this is not a necessary library purchase.? Cynthia Harrison, George Washington Univ. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Convert currency.