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That 5,sq-km lake that Keating described is Lake Nasser, a reservoir that formed when the valley flooded. Just more than 50 years ago, it didn't even exist. While the dam would improve irrigation throughout the valley as well as significantly increase Egypt's hydroelectric output, in a few years the swelling waters would also completely submerge Abu Simbel's exquisite temples. This incredible effort later became the catalyst for a World Heritage list that would help protect and promote what now totals 1, significant cultural and natural sites around the globe.

The setting Finally, in September , a colourful ceremony marked the project's completion. Indeed, it has gone down as one of history's greatest archaeological engineering challenges. Imagine such a massive project being conducted in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, often in stifling heat.

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In retrospect, the whole thing seems preposterous, but it was exactly what Unesco needed to prove to themselves that by pulling together resources, they were virtually unstoppable. Second, securing the international cooperation of its members [at the time totalling around member states; today there are member states and 10 associate members]. And third: assuring the responsibility of the international community to bring together funding and support that would help the world's heritage as a whole.

With momentum flowing, Unesco continued launching campaigns, including the ongoing safeguarding of Venice, nearly destroyed by floods in the mids.

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But it wasn't until November that the General Conference of Unesco adopted the Convention concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, merging both drafts together to preserve cultural and natural heritage equally. Natural disasters, war Fifty years after the completion of the Nubia project, the Abu Simbel temples remain a popular — albeit still remote — traveller pilgrimage.

Funerary temples

Lake Nasser is known for its excellent freshwater fishing, as well as its numerous crocodiles. But the highlight of the Nubian Valley is undoubtedly the temple complex, which 3, years on endures as an iconic symbol of both humankind's common heritage and how one ancient monument can help preserve the planet.


Of course, it could have been something else entirely:. Temples in ancient were not a place of communal worship. The public was only allowed in the temple during the festivals when the god supposedly came out of the temple. Temples were endowed with large agricultural lands where a large number of people were employed in service to the temple and temples were believed to be the physical location where the Egyptian pharaohs and priests could connect with the gods.

Egyptian temple

The first one was a cult temple that was dedicated to a particular god or goddess. The larger temples in Egypt were made out of stone to ensure they lasted longer.

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  4. The floors of the temples rose through courts and halls of columns which were shaped in the form of papyrus, palms, and lotus flowers. The ceilings of the temples were decorated with stars and the sanctuary represented the primeval mound by being at the highest point.

    Mansions of the Gods

    The east-west orientation of the temples which could be seen in most temples meant that the sun rose between the towers of the monuments lying at the gateway and the sunset over the shrine. The inside of the temples was decorated with the pharaoh performing the cult rituals of the deity and also scenes of the Pharaoh fighting in battles, while on the outside the pharaoh was shown repelling the forces of chaos. Famous Temples Of Ancient Egypt.

    The earliest temples of ancient Egypt were constructed around the 4th millennium B.

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    The last of the Egyptian temples were built at Philae which was stopped using after the 6th century A. When visiting Egypt these temples are a definite must-see. English German. Guide to a Perfect trip in Egypt!