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All of this makes me think Sam must not be very bright.

AD ASTRA is an Unnecessary, Still Problematic Retelling of HEART OF DARKNESS

If he was going to go the glass closet, light-bearding route, why all this -- he looks like a year-old, not a year-old man. Why have your co-star post a pic of you and your beard on her Twitter account? Why not post it on your own? All of the recent postings have reflected someone is micro-managing this all: When the LA Piaget party pics came out, Sam and MM were in an awkward side hug and Sam wasn't smiling.

So people commented on how miserable he looked. A few days later, the Pre-Oscar pics showed the front of their torsos pressed together and both were smiling although it still looked awkward. Yesterday, MM posted her rainbow pic and there were lots of nasty comments about how she had disrespected Cait, and today Cait posts a pic with Sam and MM on her Twitter with a weak "belated birthday celebrations" caption for the drab scene.

Someone is orchestrating this all right, but it seems to truly miss the mark on so many levels. Only MM is getting a temporary bump in interest -- and that will wane because she appears to be faltering career-wise except for his association with Sam. There were some comments on various platforms especially Tumblr about a female he was alledgedly hanging out with around Spring, Summer last year mainly in Glasgow but also London and NY.

No proof was ever posted as in pics , mainly just anon sightings and comments , but that's apparently not uncommon in Glasgow , Scots generally are not impressed by any celebrity. After that the MM stuff really ramped up with her attendance which was reportedly last minute and unexpected then his to NC , the New Year in the Swiss Alps and so on! I don't think Sam is dumb at all. I think he got stuck in a place that he didn't see coming. This is where I think they made their mistake. Sam may not have claimed her as his girlfriend but people are defending her left and right. If there is anything women don't like it's being fooled.

And if they ever find that sam IS gay and they defended MM against the shippers and those that claim he is gay they are not going to be happy. IF she is a beard then she shouldn't have been so young OR blond. She may be highly intelligent but intelligence and book smarts are nothing compared to actual life experiences which is what makes people mature. Perfect summarize. I think this got just got out of his control, because he passed the control to his PR.

As I've told before I've worked a couple of years as a personal assistent for a wellknown german actor who is now in his 70s and once played besides He was never struggling in his career and was consistently filming with an solid income. In the breaks you can't stand them, because they are used to been served days and nights. It always needs a couple of days until you can communicate on a normal every day level with them after the wrap. Sam might be a little bit more resistant to the temptations which come with the job, but he is not immun. He is now in this bubble since he was casted.

They work hard and he knows there are a couple of possibilities for his future. One is the jackpot variation with the one really big role in the one big franchise which I doubt he gets and can carry , second is the option being cast for a notsotheblockbuster stuff, third is another TV-series which also difficult after OL and fourth which I think is the most probably case is something between third and going back to theater.

In other words. His career with earning big money is over at the last day of filming S4. And he knows that by his heart. So everything we are being witness now is just a nice guy desperatly used by his PR and agents, who promise him more than being Jamie Fraser. What I still cannot understand about these brainwashed obsessed crazies is why they don't find it at all fishy that Sam has:.

Those four factors combined are enough for me to remain forever unconvinced of this entire debacle, and how these women are unintelligent enough to not see that is entirely beyond me. Truthfully I'm baffled. Maybe I shouldn't be, given their eagerness to embrace the psycho known as William Shatner God, that guy gives me the creeps. When I was younger and we crushed on a star it was because we daydreamed about being with them ourselves not dream about them being with someone else. There is something wrong when people are crushing on people they don't even know to be together.

I don't even understand it and assume there is something lacking in these peoples lives.

British Muslim Fictions

It's so obviously desperate and contrived that only a PR shill posing as a fan would be pushing the SHAMance hard, at this point. R30 The Cousin - who accidently "anon" posted as a man a day or two later? I think "her" account was discredited when she posted as a man. I saw a shipper post today, Why do you think Cait reached over and has her hand on Sam. What is she trying to tell us. Why not post the horrid things Billy said about MM on his IG right after the trip, when they broke up? Doesn't fit your narrative, I guess. And, I guess a girl is not allowed to wear a hat two winters in a row?

You seem to be hung up on her wearing the same hat, why the Scottish flag scarf a year before she even met Sam?

Interviews with Contemporary Writers

The ass licking towards MM these days is nauseating. And apparently this fiasco is what Sam wants. He's more than happy to encourage others to go with the BS. I have lost a lot of respect for him through this. From the last thread: I see that the brainless troll frau -[R]- is back. Why doesn't she care about her husband who is in ER, instead of posting the same lies over and over again?

I'll post this again because it seems she can't read, among other things Purvylander disappeared from SM in August saying that 'her work was already done'. Actually, I can read and that is total bs. Purv is actually Scilla. When she bored of that she moved onto Sam. Scilla as Purv posted a photo of her cleavage for Sam, hoping to entice him.

She was outed as Scilla at a fan con through her stupidity when posting pics both as Scilla and Purv. Her lies are legendary in the Twi and Outlander fandom. Through her alter ego as Purv she accumulated a few sources, the biggest coup was a teacher at Abbie's School. To claim Purv has anything to do with Starz is laughable. She is also a self professed "swinger.

When her past as a swinger was exposed - she quickly claimed her "work was done" and disappeared. She was frantic that her bosses would find out the truth about her and her sex life and she would be fired. And to correct the lie - Purv did NOT take that video at the game.

She was not at the game. Get your facts straight. Note to the poster. R39 Tumblr is convinced that Cait reaching out to touch Sam is sending a secret signal to the shippers. R38 I Am not a man and have never posted as a man. I posted as anon by mistake as my page keeps re-loading and saying "A problem has occurred" when I post from my iPhone and it sent before I could amend my post. How exactly does that make me male?!

Anglophone Arab Literature: An Overview in: Arab Voices in Diaspora

That was cleared up weeks ago. Also ,I have never claimed to be "the cousin",I have the cousin. If I was making it up,I'd surely come up with something better than second hand information. I simply shared what I had heard because you all seem so interested. I'm the one who called out Lady Goodman on her gender and then apologized after she explained herself. Of course we can never verify anyone's true id on here but that's not the point.

We're all just trying to solve the puzzle. On another note, I have felt from the moment it was posted that MM's scarf was photoshopped. The flags look too perfect in relation to the folds of the scarf as do the black spaces between the flags. It's as if she wasn't wearing a scarf in the original photo or she was but it didn't have Scottish flags all over it. Also,I just checked out their twitter feeds for the first time. Ignore the trolls who just want Sam to be straight. They believe that anything -even a piece of work like MM- is better than being gay.

One, is a never ending stream of Blake and Ryan tidbits and the other are from the PR team of this closeted foreign born pay cable actor who is probably A- list. They need to peddle these things to Just Jared who will print what they say word for word. Maybe if there was not so much pressure from his team, the guy could come out and be with his boyfriend other than on out of the country remote vacations.

One, is a never ending stream of Blake and Ryan tidbits and the other are from the PR team of this closeted foreign Read More.

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RE: 48 If this is referring Sam, I'm confused. R47 Hi : Thank You! I have been trying to participate I have 3 weeks off!