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Some of them new clevises and a handfull of new plastics. Anxious to get them wet this weekend. Kennybks , Jun 19, Jun 19, 6. Messages: 61 Likes Received: 0. If you have questions about the blades or the clevis, just let me know.


I will gladly share all that I know from using the blades over the past 2 years and the clevis since last fall. Jun 20, 7. Messages: 25 Likes Received: 0 Location: saginaw, mi. P but not down here yet idk just thought i would try one, also i tried the metal crawler harness, havent caught anything on that one either Rackrunner11 , Jun 20, Jun 20, 8.

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Jun 20, 9. Thanks Capt, recvd order quickly and they look sweet. Thank you! Hopefully these storms won't interfere with my test plans. Jk, honestly, I think I could pop the cap on my favorite brew, pound it a couple times, poke a hole on edge tie it up and catch fish right now.

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Good fishin. Kennybks , Jun 20, Jun 21, That purple demon Ghost blade has been hot for me this year.

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The plastic blade idea is a good one and I have seen no difference in performance compared to the standard blades. The do run better ad very slow speeds, which can be s game changer on some days. Give them a try, I think you guys will like them.

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  • Lucky Dog , Jun 21, Jun 22, I have to agree that you if you put anything down there right now, you will catch fish. The fisherman like those pretty blades more than the fish. I know guys that are using standard silver, copper, gold hammered or not and catching as many fish. Glad I have my hundreds of the pretty ones though. Messages: Likes Received: 0. Ghost blades work for me with great success the last 2 season.

    Well, sweltering a little after cleaning my limit of walleye east side. Sheepers and wb wouldn't leave me alone.


    Lol, got my dehooking string out and kept fishing. Took less time getting hook out of me than that sheep! Started out around , a little slow, bunch of shorts in 14', pulled out to 16' and game on. S l o w troll with speed bursts seemed to trigger bites. Purple Daemon took the biggest two. Algernon , Vexxedsoul , Chaqery and 1 other person like this.

    WarpSkull , Jul 27, WarpSkull , Jul 28, WarpSkull , Jul 29, WarpSkull , Aug 1, WarpSkull , Aug 2, To ensure we maintain good standing with the Adeptus Administratum, I humbly request that all brothers transmit their Astartes Identification Codes via Vox to myself, so that they may be properly cataloged. If you're a Blood Angel PM me as many details about your character as you'd like me to know so that I can include you in the Blood Angel squad origin story that I'm currently writing.

    Vexxedsoul , Aug 4, WarpSkull , Aug 12, WarpSkull , Aug 18, Thank you, Lord Warpskull, I'm looking forward to fighting this campaign with you, my Brothers. Markfoged , Aug 19, I am changing to Ultra Marines, and would be honored to help. Thank you for the invitation Warpskull.

    Algernon likes this. Joszeph , Aug 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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