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Studied a Masters in Australia before applying for permanent residency and is now a provisioning analyst for a big company. Honestly speaking, I really did much preparation for the test.

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I enrolled in a preparation course at Australian Centre for Education ACE , an initiative of IDP Education, where I was given many useful tips and strategies to the test from many experienced and qualified teachers and examiners. Last but not least, I practised as many sample exercises and tests as possible.

I am planning to take IELTS again at the end of this final year at university since I am looking forward to applying for the Australian scholarship to study at my dream university, the University of Melbourne. More importantly, it is a bridge for me to pursue graduate study at my dream university.

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In other words, IELTS opens doors for me to the next higher stage of academic and future career life. I am grateful for my parents who encouraged me to learn English as it transformed me into a citizen of the world.

The results came so fast, which was great. I am not an attentive person, so losing track of what was being said was fairly common while practicing.

IELTS Speaking Task 1 - How to get a high score

I tried to tackle this weakness of mine by concentrating really hard. As for the Speaking test , it is not the same as chatting with your friend. In IELTS, you are supposed to sound intelligible while framing answers to questions while using your vocabulary properly and being grammatically correct at the same time. Tough task! Therefore, asking a friend or family member to interview you regularly before the Test using the sample questions in your practice book will definitely help. Lastly, the Writing Test : I read the solved essays at the end of the book to understand the criteria of what constitutes a good essay — length, clarity, flow, etc.


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