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Needles can be removed and replaced either one at a time or the whole needle board can be replaced at once. The front and back of the machine are equipped with a clear window, enabling users to see the needles moving, so they can identify any bent or broken needles while felting is in process. It is easy to adjust the fiber pattern on your creations with the fingertip controls on the sleek 36" tabletop design. The FeltLOOM is safe to operate, equipped with a guard system on its needles that prevents the operator from getting a finger in the machine.

The rollers are designed to easily feed the fibers through. The FeltLOOM actually felts the fibers instead of just making prefelt, and using wet felt is not necessary. Click for details. Jamieson's of Shetland. Sari Silk. Super Bulky. Arm Knit Blanket Kits. Straight Knitting Needles. Circular Knitting Needles. Double Point Needles. Interchangeable Needles. Interchangeable Needle Set. Knit and Crochet Publications.

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Multi-Needle Tools. Corriedale Spinning Fiber. Merino Spinning Fiber. Paradise Fibers Exclusive Blends. Knitters of every ability will be able to find a project to get their needles clicking. Specializing in luxury and sustainable fibers. Knits4Comfort-yarn and knitted goods to bring comfort to all! Lambstrings Yarn provides quality hand dyed yarns and accessories to fiber artists of all genres.

We utilize a wide variety of dyeing methods to achieve colorways that are both unique and beautiful. A variety of hand dyed and hand spun, fibers, yarns, accessories, and wearable arts. With Ease is a family company that sells special handmade goods. They are a useful and beautiful accessory. From pattern to stitches, we create it start to finish in Brooklyn, NY.

HARRY POTTER SCARF Knitting Pattern (for muggles!)

NUNA KNITS is a life style experience of locally sourced yarns, hand spinning, manufactured farm 2 fashion sourced garments, socks and wool accessories. All plants and animals depend on this land for food and nourishment, while farmers plant, harvest and steward the land. From the grasses and forbs that nourish animal fleeces they forever share, know that you will be supporting the growing desire to buy local and buy natural.

One of a kind hand woven modern jewelry, wall hangings and other fiber and material home accessories made in Brooklyn, NY. I hand make all of my goods in my Brooklyn studio. All of my necklaces are hand woven with fine yarns on metal findings on a frame loom. All of my woven wall hangings are hand woven on either a frame loom or my large floor loom.

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All of my art and jewelry is hand made with heart and soul. You get to see where my head is, how my train of thought works, and what my interests are. I love natural processes of accumulation, growth and repetition and try to emulate that through my art. I love bringing these ideas into wearable and household goods. Most of all, I love making and I love sharing my work with others through as many paths as possible. Red Bridge Studio creates artfully inspired design, united by pattern and color. Hand printed and hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY. River Valley Farm raises Cotswold sheep for their lustrous, long locks of wool in Pittsfield, MA in the heart of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts utilizing organic and biodynamic methods that sustain our flocks, our land and ourselves.

My flock of Cotswold sheep share their long lustrous, curly locks with me twice a year. They grow a great quantity of wool.

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The sheep are protected from danger by their companion llamas. Fresh mountain spring water quenches their thirst and shade trees abound in their pastures; some dropping sweet apples in the fall. Winters are spent lazing around eating the grass hay we have harvested on the farm, chewing their cud, frolicking in the snow and waiting for the warm breath of spring to fill the air.

I personally hand wash every fleece and use mineral, plant and insect dyes to achieve my broad palette of color. My goats give us lovely sweet milk and always more than we can use. Not wanting to waste a drop, I turn the excess into soap. Goat milk soap is super moisturizing and very gentle for use on delicate skin. Please visit my website to see some pictures of the sheep and goats I spend my days with and the shows I travel to.

Shelterwood Farm is a small farm located in Pennington, NJ We make our yarns from our handspinners flock of Romney and Coopworth sheep breeds. Our sheep are shorn once a year in the spring by a local shearer. We then skirt, wash, dye, drumcard, and handspin our fleeces.

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A few of the fleeces are sent to a local mill to be made into roving. We dye locks and roving in crockpots on the back porch. Sometimes we blend in mohair, llama, alpaca, silk, bamboo, sparkle or other add-ins for interest. All our yarns and roving are labeled with the first name of the sheep and the last name is their breed. Our sheep are raised with love and care. Hand dyed yarn and fiber for all your fiber arts needs. Luxury boutique knitting needle manufacturer located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our sleek and stunning knitting needles are crafted of solid aluminum.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our needles.

I invented and manufacture an brilliant new yarn accessory called the yarnit. It protects your yarn from dirt and grime.

Keeps it by your side and away from pets. Check us out.

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Small Batch Handcrafted Skincare: goats milk lotions, felted soaps, scrubs and much more made with love from natural ingredients! Wide variety of products featuring Coopworth wool from the flock on our New Jersey farm. Bernadette works with artisans in Uganda to help empower women and bring their traditional weaving skills to market. Artikal handcrafted millinery makes Vintage inspired hand blocked velour hats, Hand woven summer straw hats, Hand crocheted knits ,Couture bridal and fascinators.

All headwear is made is locally made in the East Village but has been worn from the Royal wedding to ascot. You can view us online at www.