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Bohr's Atomic Model

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This book adds information about his humanitarian work which was not included in other books about him. There are some errors in the book, such as the start date of the Korean War.

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But it still is a very good book. Go to Amazon. The model was proposed more than a century ago by Danish physicist Niels Bohr based on Rutherford's first model, the principles of classical mechanics and emerging ideas about 'quantisation' equations to apply initial quantum hypotheses to classical physical systems advanced by Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

Bohr's theory, which was named quantum theory, proposed that electrons circle the nucleus following the classical laws but subject to limitations, such as the orbits they can occupy and the energy they lose as radiation when they jump from one orbit to another. But it also attempted to explain in a unified way all the quantum phenomena that had been observed to date.

1. Introduction

The authors studied the use Bohr gave to the adiabatic hypothesis from when Austrian physicist Paul Ehrenfest set it out in until his Danish colleague raised it to a 'principle' and developed it to get the most out of it. They also detected the mutual influence there was between Bohr and German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, who advanced his own formulation of 'quantification' and had a significant influence on developing the old quantum theory, the backdrop against which all the studies prior to the birth of quantum mechanics in were set.

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With the establishment of quantum mechanics, the correspondence principle retained its central role, which it has to this day. The authors bemoan the fact that Bohr's quantum theory is much less widely known than his atomic model, "obsolete since , but which is still explained in schools today due to its considerable educational value and out of pure pragmatism: it is impossible to teach a theory as complex as quantum mechanics at certain levels. This situation, however, has led to the public wrongly having the idea that the Bohr model is still valid, when the modern vision of the atom is in fact governed by the probabilistic laws of quantum mechanics, which force us to imagine the electron as delocalised, as a "probability cloud" around the nucleus of the atom.

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. For this reason any consideration of Bohr's atom has to take into account both the historical context of its creation and the long and diverse processes of reception within science, education and public that gave rise to much misinterpretation of Bohr's intentions, his actual work and its physical or realistic interpretation.

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For the question of the genesis of the Bohr model one has to go back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when it became widely recognized that both atoms contain electrons and at the same time were almost fully penetrable by electron bombardment. Between and various physicists and science popularizers draw the analogy between atoms and planetary systems e. As a consequence in the years before world war I concern with detailed atomic models was not widespread.

asacciarestcomp.gq The favorite heuristic models for the atom in the years around also for Bohr was Thomson's that came in various imprecise and at times conflicting variations but was nonetheless able to serve in this way the purpose in helping to conceptualize stability, light emission and the existence of a periodic system of elements. Unable to display preview.

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