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Going uphill required a joint effort —. He started off riding a pink Barbie bike and pink is still one of his favorite colors.

World falls in love with single dad who asks teen daughter for fashion advice

I knew how being outdoors helped hone my own energy and focus, and wanted him to have the same experiences being in the forest and on rivers. What have been some of the tough parts of adventuring with your son? When he was little, like four or five, we got caught in a pretty bad lightening storm. I found an outcropping of rocks and we hunkered down, hugging are way through it and trying to say reassuring things to keep him calm. Kids get tired.

They need to take breaks. They need snacks and encouragement. Instead of going for run, we might throw a Frisbee or football. Raising Porter meant cutting down on logging longer miles so I turned my focus on technique and form. We dabbled in kayaking early on and Porter first got in a boat when he was three. Then two and half years ago that all changed.

He went to camp with buddies and came back and asked if I could do a loop.

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All of a sudden he was interested. It took Porter finding friends who were into kayaking for him to get excited about it. We started paddling class one and then made the typical progression from class two to three. Porter and his friends soak up everything. They can look at a rapid and they can say now I know it after one time. It takes me a dozen times to remember a rapid. Porter has become self-sufficient — he organizes his own gear, he researches beta about rivers, and he looks at rivers.

Finally, he steals some time for himself and tells Character Media his fascinating life story. JimmyBoi was born in Alief, a suburb of Houston known for its ghetto qualities and large Asian immigrant population. His parents met at a Houston nightclub, where his mother hung out and his father, Anthony Phan, performed as the drummer.

And they represented freedom for Southern Vietnam. They literally had to sneak out by boat during the collapse of Southern Vietnam to avoid getting killed.

A Single Dad to Heal Her Heart by Caroline Anderson

At first she took me with her, and it was an interesting year when I was gone away from my dad. And from there, my dad was my guardian. But he had a rock star lifestyle and was going on tour.

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  • So I was really raised by my two cousins. And I had an aunt of mine who was still alive who took care of me when they went on tour. According to Phan, his son was musical as a child. JimmyBoi learned how to play the trombone, the piano and the drums by ear. After all, he grew up backstage watching his family members perform. One night after a show, he saw his father get shot in the leg by an angry show promoter.

    By the age of 15, he started selling drugs. A year later, he was stealing cars, stripping them and selling the parts. People know each other. So, they ran up on my house. Long story short, they did a bunch of illegal things. They made it seem like we were running this big operation and a bunch of B.

    Go ahead -- date a single dad! -

    When they raided my house, they found a gun that linked back to a shooting. He got out on an appeal bond, but was arrested again on a federal charge. Just as he saw his father get shot when he was little, his young daughter had the traumatic experience of seeing him taken into custody by Feds. She worried that the Feds were hurting him when they threw him on the floor and on the hood of the car.

    And then he disappeared. He ended up serving only two-and-a-half years in a state prison. But he wanted to make more money to send his kids to private school. He knew he could earn more if he returned to crime. I realized that it was best if I just created a life that was simplified for my family.

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    He admits that he was good at the drug hustle. And it has over 60 karats in blue diamonds. I think it has 2, diamonds on there. I used to drive around and sell dope with [my daughter] in the car. We used to live in a trap house together.

    If that sounds like Lil Tay, the tween-age girl who gained popularity in for doing basically the same things as Savannah, keep in mind that Lil Tay is the fabricated persona of her teenage older halfbrother, Jason Tian, who had his own YouTube rap dreams.