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What happened to my life? We had been in the process of selling our house in New Jersey, and now I also had to put our Illinois house on the market and sell two cars.

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But those logistical problems were minor in comparison to the steep learning curve she endured trying to figure out how to cope with an adult she loved whose brain had suddenly become completely scrambled. He could not talk, struggled to understand what was said to him, and for a long time had limited use of the right side of his body.

Richard C. Though they have since divorced and each has remarried, she is committed to helping other caregivers learn from what they went through during the years she cared for him after his stroke. Baxter, who is now Ms.

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Renzoni and living in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. If I went too quickly with questions, trying to guess what he wanted to say, Ted would get frustrated. I took me half a day to understand that Ted wanted a new charger for his cellphone. I had to figure out how his brain was working. Ted might say dog today but not be able to say it tomorrow.

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Renzoni said. I had to watch as he struggled to find the right words, which was very hard.

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When we went out to dinner, after he tried for 10 minutes to say what he wanted to eat, I would ask if he would like me to order for him. Renzoni has a lot more practical advice for those caring for stroke survivors.

Before he was born, Nate suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that severely damaged his brain. Lindsay was only 3 years old when her brother, Jadon, had a stroke. Bryan has come a long way since he was in a wheelchair and unable to speak after suffering a stroke.

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Learn how Bryan and his family are adapting along the road to recovery. Addie suffered a stroke as a baby and still has weakness on one side of her body. Now 10, Addie shares some of the challenges she faces at school and offers advice to other kids who are stroke survivors. At 17, Derek Marshall suffered a stroke and needed brain surgery. Pediatric Stroke Program Patient Stories.