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Core Christianity | What Is The Spirit of the Antichrist?

With piercing insight, Sandie Freed traces the thread of Satan's deceptive nature throughout Scripture and identifies the antichrist spirit--the demonic system that denies the supremacy of Jesus Christ and keeps believers from walking in their Christ-given authority. She lays out a practical battle plan that will empower you to put every demonic force under your feet. It is time to advance with confidence and enter your God-given promised land! I admire Sandie for taking on a subject that few tackle, simplifying the complexity of this major system and preparing a helpful manual that gives us insights to walk victoriously in these days.

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Is The Antichrist A Spirit Or A Person?

She is an ordained prophetess with Christian International and travels extensively, ministering deliverance and life transformation to God's people. She is the author of four other books, including Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord.

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The miracles add up. But seven years prior to the sale of this media bonanza, the tax-exempt group 'spun it off' to a for-profit corporation, in which Robertson held a controlling interest. That still left Robertson burdened with a heavy load of cash to carry through the eye of the needle. In his younger days, Robertson gave up worldly wealth to work in the ghettos of New York. But, says a former Coalition executive, 'Pat's changed'. She noted that he gave up his ordination as a Baptist minister in He is still, incorrectly, called 'Reverend Pat' by the media.

His change in was accelerated when, according to his former television co-host Danuta Soderman Pfeiffer, 'he was ensnared by the idea that God called him to run for President of the United States'. The run for the Oval Office, which began with Robertson announcing his endorsement by Highest Authority, was not some quixotic adventure. The race generated a mailing list of 3 million sullen Americans of the heartland, whose rage against the establishment was given voice by Robertson forming, out of defeat, the Christian Coalition.

Volder offers that it may in fact have been the Lord's stratagem to create a mailing list of good Christians.

Such mailing lists, like the CBN lists, are worth their weight in gold. Robertson swears they shall not be used for the banking business. But abuse of these lists lies at the heart of charges by government and former partners.

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Two former top executives in the for-profit operations, who have never previously spoken to the media, state that the tax-exempt religious group's lists and the Christian Coalition lists were used to build what became Kalo-Vita, the pyramid sales enterprise that sold vitamins and other products. The company collapsed in A former officer of the company alleges some operations were funded, without compensation, including offices, phones and secretarial help, by the ministry. When questions arose about using donations for a commercial enterprise, Robertson produced minutes of board meetings that characterised as 'loans' the start-up capital obtained from CBN.

Not all board members were made aware of these meetings until months after they were held.

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Robertson's spokesman responds that they are unfamiliar with the facts of the allegation. Federal courts are reviewing internal documents, including a 15 September memo from the Coalition's then president, Ralph Reed, to the co-ordinator of President George Bush's re-election campaign that says Pat Robertson 'is prepared to assist This is a virtually unprecedented level of cooperation and assistance Unprecedented and illegal, says the FEC, which is taking legal action against the Christian Coalition, technically a tax-exempt educational corporation, for channelling campaign support worth tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates.

The action is extraordinary because it was brought by unanimous vote of the bi-partisan commission. It cited, among other things, the Coalition supplying Colonel Ollie North with copies of its lists for North's failed run for the US Senate, which followed his famed appearance at the congressional hearings on the Iran-Contra scandal. The Coalition is defending the action.



Records subpoenaed from the Christian Coalition contain a carefully scripted set of questions and answers by the Coalition and the Republican Party for a 'interview' with Bush by Robertson broadcast on Club. This caught my eye: first because it appears to constitute a prohibited campaign commercial; and second because Robertson had months earlier claimed in New World Order that Bush was 'unwittingly carrying out the mission of Lucifer'.

With Bush running behind Bill Clinton, Robertson must have decided to stick with the devil he knew. But the government will never see all of the documents. Judy Liebert, formerly chief financial officer for the Christian Coalition, told me that she was present when Coalition president Reed personally destroyed crucial documents. When Liebert complained to Robertson about 'financial shenanigans' at the Coalition, 'Pat told me I was "unsophisticated". Well, that is a strange thing for a Christian person to say to me. The Coalition has attacked Liebert as a disgruntled ex-employee whom it fired.

Liebert also claimed that her evidence about the Coalition's illegal printing of Republican campaign literature, stored on the hard drive of her computer, had been removed. Good Book!!

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The Courts of Heaven. Conceiving the Seed. Greek Thinking and False Teaching. Part III. She is an ordained prophetess with Christian International and travels extensively, ministering deliverance and life transformation to God's people.