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I'm honored to share these five unforgettable facts about the man. During his early afternoon show he offered biographical information about the artists he played and used teaser questions and trivia to keep his audience hooked during commercial breaks. These techniques foreshadowed what would become one of his signature segments: Long Distance Dedications.

In , Kasem released a unique recording: him reading a letter from a listener who wanted to meet the Beatles set to an instrumental cover of "And I Love Her" by the Burbank Strings. It was a minor hit for Kasem. Warner Bros. My father, Al Martino, performed his hit song "Spanish Eyes" on the program on January 30, —the same day the Doors made their first TV appearance and performed their hit "Break on Through.

Alison Martino's "Vintage Los Angeles"

Kasem was hired as a voice actor on numerous cartoons and children's shows. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kasem during my days as a producer on E! The episode focused on the mysterious death of '60s singer Bobby Fuller. It was one of the highlights of my life.

It's not every day you get to interview the "voice of America. But we'll be back! We are announcing our second film series very soon. On May 19th we had another exciting and enthusiastic turn out. Dozens of attendees dressed up in Vintage clothes and we were packed. To my unexpected delight, screenplay writer, Robert Towne who wrote Chinatown and dozens of other classic films" showed up! VLA hopes to be curating an evening with Robert in the near future.

We had a fantastic chat and tossed around a few ideas. So stay tuned and come and celebrate L. As a kid, I grew up across the street from Edward G. Robinson and I never imagined in a million years I would be presenting one of his films. I can't think of a better destination for the community of VLA to gather together and watch classic films. That marquee never looked so good!

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And thank you for the continuous support from the local NBC news! Link here. It was the era when colors were bright, hair was big, and punk and new wave fashions ruled. With the help of movies, music, and something called the Summer Olympics, the city and its fashions became the center of the universe. I am thrilled to have been selected to write about Melrose Ave for a two page spread on pages and The issue is now available on stands. This is a further and more extended look into that colorful ave that helped define the '80's in Los Angeles. By it was the pinnacle of the trendy punk rock influence and new wave scene in Los Angeles stretching from Fairfax to La Brea.

Dozens of off beat independent businesses and forward thinking boutiques dominated the Avenue and over night these old rundown stucco buildings started to house kooky, outlandish and colorful shops covered in Graffiti and the store employees were the main attraction. This is what the space looks like today. It's now called Crescent Heights Plaza.

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It looks pretty empty to me. Martino also muses on L. Did you ever go to either? Rock and roll photographer Brad Elterman snapped the picture above of Joan Jett in her room in There was a lot of really good energy there. It had an interesting garden courtyard layout—no long dark hallways to get to your room.

Jenny Lens got photos of Joey Ramone in the pool one day. I kicked myself for missing that. It was like an office. The setting, the TV with the coat hanger antenna, and, of course, my muse, Joan. There was a phone booth in the parking lot of the old Tropicana Motel on Santa Monica Blvd and this is where Tom Waits would conduct all of his business. Blondie photographed in the pool at the Tropicana Motel in Los Angeles in She founded the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles in Remembering Ships, L.

Which one did you frequent? The boomerang shaped roof and atomic neon sign made the structures look like flying saucers straight out of a Sci Fi Flick! Photo by George Mann With their boomerang-shaped roofs and futuristic neon signs, Ships Coffee Shops were impossible to miss. Architect Martin Stern, Jr. Both locals and tourists loved Ships. Because there was a toaster on every table, Ships always smelled of burnt toast.

Preparing your own toast of choice was the main event, and I spent countless late nights pushing rye bread into their clunky appliances. Ships also had the best freshly squeezed OJ, chicken pot pie, and mashed potatoes in the city. I even used the phone booth in the parking lot to call and meet up with friends in the Village. I saw science fiction buff and Famous Monsters of Filmland editor Forrest Ackerman at the counter once and actor-producer Danny Thomas was a morning regular. A story office tower replaced the Ships in Westwood.

An auto repair shop replaced the Ships on La Cienega. A strip mall replaced the Ships in Culver City. Thankfully, the chain was forever preserved on celluloid for the film Into the Night. Designed by Martin Stern Jr. The same sign today covered up today.

See a Problem?

Holy Ships, check out those prices! This article was published in Los Angeles Magazine on October 26th, Remembering L. Glenn Wallichs opened the record store with his brother, Clyde, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Until Tower Records set up on the Sunset Strip 30 years later, Wallich' s Music City was the place to go for concert tickets, sheet music, LPs, 45s, tapes, 8-tracks, cassettes, and musical instruments. Dot Records moved into that space after Capitol left for Hollywood Boulevard in Before that, customers could listen to tracks—or record one of their own, for a small fee—in tiny chambers that looked like old wooden telephone booths.

The store was so cool, in fact, Frank Zappa worked there part-time in I would have loved to see him in his company-issued coat and tie. Wallichs Music City closed in and the building was razed. Today, a Walgreens stands at its former location. Establishment of the Hollywood Sign, The Hollywood sign was conceived as an outdoor ad campaign for a suburban housing development called "Hollywoodland.

The sign, which was designed to stand for only 18 months, sustained extensive damage and deterioration. One of the most prominent ghost stories to come out of the Hollywood Hills evolved from the suicide of aspiring and frustrated actress, Peg Entwhistle when she tragically and dramatically through herself off the Hollywoood sign in Like so many other actors of the Golden Era, Entwhistle came to Hollywood in search of her first big break in motion pictures.

Then she glanced at the study door as if hoping it might somehow contain a clue. Finally she gave up and opened the book again. They are between three and six times stronger in the upper body than the average human.

It makes them light enough for their wings to carry them, but it also makes them easier to break. Although they have strong arm muscles, they are creatures of the air and their legs are made for perching rather than walking. They are maybe half as strong as a human in the lower body. A harpy will also think twice about carrying a heavy weapon such as a sword. If they are armed with anything other than their claws and talons, it will usually be a ranged weapon such as a bow or a dart-thrower. That said, they have been known to wear light skirts that can be removed in a fraction of a second if they feel the need to save the weight.

Actually, even larger villages are possible, but these are very rare. This was a new question to Jenni, and she found herself reaching for the book again. Once she found the page she began to read from it. Although she still had to read some words one syllable at a time, for a girl of her age she had quite an amazing reading voice.