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Mr Liu, who delivered the message in a rare press conference, drew on a visit to the UK last month by Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua as an example of the hard-won economic and financial relationship the two countries enjoy that is now at stake. He also mentioned the , British citizens who live in Hong Kong, saying further turbulence caused by the protesters in the territory would be bad for everyone, including them.

A Scientist in the Foreign Office

Hong Kong has long been a point of intense friction between Beijing and London. That had eased following the agreement to hand back control of the city to China in However this latest rift looks set to be one of the first big foreign policy challenges for the incoming prime minister, whoever should win the contest. Watch Live.

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    The initial signs indicate the UK is ready for a fight despite the high stakes. But the question, as Eden saw it, was something greater than whether or not the British Government should enter into negotiations with the Italian Government on the latter's own terms.

    I Want Your Job: Foreign Office diplomat | The Independent

    There was involved a dual question of principle, part somewhat personal, part essentially national. That proportion of the difference which was personal need never have arisen but for the fundamental clash on that which seemed essential from the national point of view.

    What does the Foreign Office do? The FCO in one minute

    To judge whether this is a true estimate, we must recall something of the past. Fifteen years of animated politics had drawn Anthony Eden and Neville Chamberlain constantly into closer relations until shortly after the older man was called upon to take over control and direction of British affairs. We must examine the causes, then, so far as they are known, which produced a progressive estrangement and a mutual irritation in which each felt so keen a sense of frustration that to continue longer together had become personally impossible and nationally undesirable.

    Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain in his sixty-ninth year and now rising 70, was already nearly 50 when he first entered the political arena.

    Foreign Office Issues Travel Warnings For Popular Holiday Destinations

    Behind him lay a solid and excellent record of municipal administration. For the next 18 years of his life he was destined from Whitehall to concern himself with such questions as public health and housing, the City and finance. Hard-working, efficient, with a strong mind of his own and, as it developed in later years, a certain admiration for the efficiency of the dictators, Neville Chamberlain came to the highest office imbued with the idea. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience.

    Changing Stuctures of the German Foreign Office between the World Wars

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