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Principles of Financial Engineering 3rd Edition.

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Project and Cost Engineers Handbook,4th Edition. Successful Project Management Fourth Edition.

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By Ahmed Shawky Last updated Oct 22, Project Management Answer Book. Ahmed Shawky posts 3 comments. Plumbing and Firefighting design Engineer. You might also like More from author. Prev Next. Q6 What is the role of the communications manager? Q7 What is a configuration manager? Q8 What is the role of a technical architect? Q2 What skill sets are needed for an IT project team during project initiation? Q3 What is a vision statement? Q4 What role do project objectives play in an IT project? Deliverables Q1 What is a deliverable? Q2 What is a business case and why is it important?

Q3 What is a feasibility study and why is it important during project initiation? The Project Charter Q1 What is a project charter? Q2 What is included in an IT project charter?

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Q3 What deliverables are identified in the project charter? Q4 Do you need detailed requirements before you can publish a project charter?

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Q2 Who designs a new IT system—the technical team, the business team, or the users? Q3 Is project planning different for different types of IT projects? Q4 What is Agile project delivery? Q5 How do you include users in the planning phase of an IT project? Q6 What is business architecture? Q7 What is a network architecture and what role does it play in IT project planning? Q8 What is data migration and how do you plan for it?


Q9 How do you relate project status to a nontechnical project sponsor? Q10 What is requirements traceability and why is it important for IT projects? Q11 What role does business analysis have in the planning process? Q12 What risks should be considered when planning an IT project? Deliverables Q1 What deliverables are typically generated during the project planning process? Q2 What level of detail do you need when identifying new system requirements? Q3 What is included in a project management plan for an IT project?

Test Planning Q1 What is unit testing? Q2 What is system testing? Q3 What is integration testing? Q4 What is performance testing? Q5 What is user acceptance testing? Q6 What is regression testing? Q7 What documentation needs to be produced during and after testing?

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Database Design Q1 How do you organize database development during the planning phase? Q2 What is database modeling? Q3 What is a conceptual data model? Q4 What is a logical data model? Q5 What is a physical database?

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Q2 Who leads the project execution effort? Q3 What events are commonly tracked during the project execution process? Q4 How frequently should the users be involved during execution of an IT project? Q5 What is independent verification and validation? Q6 Who should approve technical design documents? Q7 What is project control and why is it important during the execution process?

Q8 How often should project team meetings be held? Q9 What types of meetings are commonly held during IT projects? Q10 What is configuration management? Q11 What is change management and why is it important to IT projects? Q12 What is a system readiness assessment? Deliverables Q1 What deliverables are developed during the execution process?

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Q2 What comes first—the user manuals, the user acceptance testing, or the training? Q2 What is a defect log and what information does it contain? Q3 Is it okay to abbreviate testing when the schedule is tight? Q2 What are the typical activities undertaken during project closeout? Q3 Who leads the project closeout process? Q4 What is a project archive and why is it important? Deliverables Q1 How do you document successful completion of an IT project? Q2 How do you confirm that the full scope has been delivered at project closeout? Q2 What is included in an IT project status report and why is it important? Q3 How can a project manager manage a technical team when she lacks technical skills? Q4 What is a code review?

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Q5 What is an architectural test? Q6 What is the best way to manage stakeholder expectations during an IT project? Q7 How much control is too much control over a project team?